Our Story

Del Cabo Farm Tours takes you on the journey of cherry tomatoes and basil from seed to farm to packhouse. It tells the story of how teaching a community of small scale farmers to grow food organically changed their lives

Del Cabo was founded in 1985 by Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin—with the support of local community leaders—to create economic opportunities for small scale farmers at the tip of the Baja, California peninsula. What began with teaching local families sound organic farming practices evolved into a for-profit business.


This cooperative model has incorporated over a thousand families from Los Cabos to Ensenada—as well as First Nation communities (Yaqui and Mayo) in southern Sonora. Del Cabo farmers receive training in organic growing, harvesting, and handling, as well as start-up funds, farming technology, administrative training, and consistent distribution channels. As a result, these families have increased economic opportunities—such as university for their children, access to private health and dental care when needed, comfortable homes, and even choosing an iPhone or laptop. 


Our deep commitment to "Healthy Soils, Healthy Crops, Healthy People®" is the foundation upon which Del Cabo was established and cultivated. Years of success solving problems and increasing family incomes tenfold has made organic farming the most prevalent way food is grown in Los Cabos. 

Did you know that Los Cabos is one of the few counties in North America (maybe the only!) where almost every farm is organic, and many are certified to international standards? 

Come see where your favorite Del Cabo organic cherry tomatoes come from, how they’re grown, and our commitment to the community of farmers who pioneered organic farming where the desert meets the sea over thirty years ago. 

It is a truly inspirational story.​

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